5 Online Advertising Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Ad Skills

5 Online Advertising Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Ad Skills

Have you ever felt that you just can’t seem to get the hang of online ads? Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads; so many digital marketing platforms all with the same function: creating ads. Well, what do you watch out for when creating ads?

  1. Pay attention to age groups

Different age groups respond to different types of ads with different types of content.

Depending on your products and services, sometimes the ads you create for 20 year-olds won’t be appropriate for older generations. That is because consumer tastes change with age, and the way younger generations perceive things isn’t necessarily the same as the way older generations see them.

Also, different platforms cater to different audiences; Instagram and Snapchat cater to younger audiences, whereas LinkedIn focuses on business professionals. Be sure to keep that in mids when choosing which platforms to target which age groups.

  1. Pay attention to the content used

You’ve heard it before and we will say it again: content is king. Good content attracts people and makes them look forward to what you have to say.

Keep your content up-to-date and relevant and be sure to keep the client company’s personality in mind. Watch out for plagiarism and keep things as original as possible.

Make sure the content appeals to the audience and that the design is interesting and eye-catching. Poor quality pictures will only make users think less of your brand.

  1. Set a small budget aside to test your ads

You MUST have an A/B split test campaign and consequently, you need to have a small budget set aside for it. This means you have to test out different aspects of an ad to see what works best for you and your audience. The average testing period can be 3 – 4 days, during which you’d have a somewhat clear idea of what works.

 Test ads with different content, target audience or placement and after you see a distinct pattern showing the better performing ad, make note of it and use that as a guide for future ads.



  1. Optimization is normal part of ads

It’s OK to realize that an ad isn’t doing too well. It’s also OK to realize that you need to optimize your ads. Ads are like every aspect of digital marketing; they require trial and error.

You may realize that one of your 3 ads is doing better so you reallocate your budget to the better performing ad.

You may realize an ad isn’t doing well at all and needs to be adjusted or even stopped. It’s OK, it happens. The beauty of online advertising is how flexible it is and how you can adjust it to your needs with no money lost.

  1. Create informative reports

If your company’s objective was to sell or generate leads, your report should include how much was spent on ads and how much of the product was sold or how many leads were generated. This will showcase the ROI gained from creating all those ads and spending all that money.

All other metrics are fine but you need to focus on the ones that show that the objectives have been met.