Advertising & PR with CanCham

Advertising with CanCham

Members of CanCham are offered advertisements on the website differing in placements and sizes. Another advertising medium offered by the CanCham is through its periodical publication, which is distributed in major business-active places

Updated Press Release:

CanCham website is continuously updated with important news and information on the Canadian and Egyptian affairs that could be significant to the members’ business or personal requirements. It is also updated with the chamber events and news that would interest the members.


CanCham sends weekly news brief on Canada and Egypt news that proved useful to its members and other interested businessmen. CanCham also sends a monthly newsletter including its news and other important topics or events coverage to its members and other VIP emails. Members can also promote for their businesses through such newsletters.

Acknowledgment of Members in the Periodical Publication:

CanCham periodical offers a more publicity medium by writing acknowledgments in attribute to the members. The publication also includes important articles and events coverage important to the business community.