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Egyptian Steel

Established in 2010, Egyptian Steel Group succeeded to establish a leading position the Egyptian steel industry. The Group operates with the philosophy of producing safe, high quality products conforming to local and international standards, using the latest state-of-art eco-friendly technology with an eye on long-term conservation of resources.

Egyptian Steel Vision Statement
Raising the benchmark of the steel industry and becoming a leading player in Egypt and the MENA region.
Egyptian Steel Mission Statement
Utilizing the state-of-art, eco-friendly technologies and fulfilling our employees’ highest potential of professional development to deliver organizational excellence in a safe environment and achieve sustainable growth that ensures long-life customer relationships as well as optimizing the return to our community and stakeholders.
Egyptian Steel embraces the advancement of the steel industry in Egypt, building on its significance
to the economy. It operates four primary factories with a total production capacity of over 2 million tons per year distributed as follows:
Rebar: 1.4 million tons/yr.
Wire rods: 60 thousand tons/yr.
Billets: 600 thousand tons/yr.
National Port Said Steel (NPSS):
National Port Said Steel established its first plant in 2000 with a designed capacity of 350,000 tons per year of steel Rebars and is located in Port Said city.
NPSS has also been granted the license to build its second plant in Ain Al Sokhna which is currently under construction and is scheduled to commence operations by the last quarter of 2017. The plant uses the latest Danieli technology by rolling the Billets to Rebars through endless rolling. This technology is distinguished for saving time and energy in recharging Billets to be rolled, making it among the first plants in the world to apply this technology.
Port Said Plant
Location: Industrial Zone - Al Raswa - Port Said
Production Capacity: 350,000 tons/yr steel Rebars

Al Ain Al Sokhna Plant

Location: Economic Zone - Suez Industrial Development Company Sector, Al Ain Al Sokhna,Suez.
Production Capacity: 830,000 tons/yr Billets and 530,000 tons/yr steel Rebars

IIC for Steel Plants Management Company:

IIC was established in 2010 where it acquired its first plant in Alexandria in 2011 with a designed capacity of 300,000 tons/yr. of Wire Rods; the plant was recently rehabilitated and commenced operations in 2014. Moreover, A new Rebars rolling production line is now operational and produces sizes ranging from 22mm to 32mm.

IIC has also been granted the license to build its second plant in Beni Suef with a designed capacity of 830,000 tons/yr. of Billets and 530,000 tons/yr. of steel Rebars using Danieli’s latest technology. The new plant is scheduled to commence operations by the second quarter of 2016.

Alexandria Plant

Location: 20 km, Alexandria-Cairo Road
Designed Capacity: 300,000 tons/yr. of Wire Rods
Beni Suef Plant

Location: Heavy industries zone, Beni Suef
Designed Capacity: 830,000 tons/yr. Billets and 530,000 tons/yr. steel Rebars

Egyptian Steel for Building Materials Trading
Egyptian Steel for building materials trading is a leading steel trading company operating in the Egyptian market for more than 15 years. It specializes in importing building materials, rebars, billets and raw materials.
Egyptian Steel boasts a wide network of distributers and traders in Egypt and globally. The company offers its clients cost-effective logistical services.
Customer Service:
Our customer service center is fully functional to serve our clients.

Egyptian Steel produces Rebars according to the Egyptian Standards and it has the capability to produce Rebars with the British, French, German and American standards.
Wire Rods
Wire rods are ring-shaped coiled steel that is produced in various diameters conforming with the Egyptian Standard Specifications ES262/2009, grade B240B-P. Egyptian Steel is specialized in the production of wire rods using low carbon products in cold drawing process used in making wires, nails and nets.
Billets will be produced at Egyptian Steel according to international standards.
Billets used in sections mills, Wire rods and Rebar.



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Ahmed Abou Hashima
Ceo & Chairman
Sherif Fawzy
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