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LUNA Company for Industrial Investment

Luna Perfumes & Cosmetics (PAC) has a new factory Luna PAC which was built on a large area of 12,000 square meters in 6 October city and equiped with the most advanced machinery.

The factory’s skilled Quality Assurance department and qualified Quality Control team are constantly supervising and controlling our production process, to provide and assure the best client service.

All the appropriate measures for the environmental protection are taken into consideration. The plant complies with the European legislation concerning the aerial and liquid emissions. Our technical Head team are coming from the Pharmaceutical industry ... that is why we produce our cosmetics on pharmaceutical GMP standards.
Luna Perfumes & Cosmetics (PAC) produces a great variety of items. From the choice of raw materials to the manufacturing of the final product, the company gives full priority to customer satisfaction. All its manufacturing procedures are in accordance with COLIPA and FDA specifications.

Luna Perfumes & Cosmetics (PAC) produces two complete line of make-up using highest quality ingredients supplied by major European companies.
Sara, our high-class make-up, mainly targets A-Class women and is distributed in beauty centers, Perfumery …
Luna Make-up, offers a larger variety of make-up items and colors for mass market distribution. It suits the needs of a wider range of clients and age groups.
Our mission is to contribute material value to our clients and to help them establish strong, successful long-term positions in their markets. This is achieved by sourcing high quality, Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed, Cosmetic & Industrial Raw Materials at competitive prices, and by providing outstanding customer service.
We have a VISION of leading the way to a healthier world. We've committed ourselves to achieving that vision by making quality, integrity and excellence the hallmarks of our business. Our Fortune is focused on being one of the global leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed, Cosmetic & Industrial Raw Materials, we know that our employees are who keep us on the cutting edge of innovative discoveries and superior customer service. To sustain and enhance our leadership position in the Pharmaceutical industry, we continue to recruit, develop and motivate individuals whose skills, values, and work ethic will grow and improve our business.
Company Profile
LUNA PAC is a research based cosmetics and Para pharmaceuticals company.The scope of the company is the design, production, testing and selling of cosmetics, Para pharmaceuticals and hotel amenities. The Company was founded in 1997. The production started in 2006.

LUNA PAC, The new modern, advanced and high capacity GMP factory, superior know-how, and advanced research led to the company’s reputation as a most reliable and trustworthy contract manufacturer.

The new factory that considerd as one of the most advanced GMP factories in the Middle East, built on an area of 12000 square meters with 4 levels, the site was designed by “Shepherd Process” UK.

The company can guarantee their clientele a complete and comprehensive package of products, services, training, scientific & medical information consulting & support along with very progressive marketing activities

Luna PAC currently employees about 350 individuals. All employees are compensated with salaries and incentives through a continuous work improvement program.



72 El Sherikat st., Ghamra


+Contact Person
Ramez George Amin
Vice President