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St. Fatima Language School Nasr City

A. The history of the school, include when it was established and by whom.

The school was established in 1982 with KG1 and KG2 classes and two forms in the Elememantry School. Now it has become a fully fledged school with eight arms for each level. The school comprises five stages (pre-KG, KG, Primary, Preparatory and Secondary) and four educational systems: -

The National System
The I.G.C.S.E System
The American System
The Canadian System

B.Describe the school's population: also include relevant economic and cultural characteristics of the families whose children are enrolled in the school.

The school serves the community of Nasr City and all the neighboring suburbs. The population of the school differs according to the school division. For example, the enrollment in the national system is mainly the sons and daughters of government officials who live within proximity of the school, also there is a substantial number of parents who spent years in Arab countries, moved to reside in Nasr City, which is comparatively a new part of Cairo and dates back to the early 60s. These make up the majority of the parent body of the national system. However, the IGCSE, the American Division and the Canadian are different in terms of being more costly and there are other factors that determine the choice of a school. Many parents are professionals, university professors or businessmen have made the choice on the grounds that the school has a well-experienced staff, it is the heart of what is known as East Cairo and is accessible by public transport. That is why almost half the students enrolled do not use the school bus service as they can either depend on their parents are professionals or governmental officials. Of course, school fees determined to a large extent the socio-economic standard of the parents and their interest in the school. In St. Fatima, there is a financial aid policy to help those who are keen but can not afford the education to find room in school.

C.Describe the location of the school and the facilities.

The school is located in Nasr City, in an area easily accessible by public transport and is in the heart of a residential area. It is built on 10,000 square meters. Houses and shopping centers surrounded the school and there are other schools in the area.

D.How the school is organized in grades, levels, or programs.

The National System
IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
The American Division
The Canadian Division



66 Ismail El Kabbany st., From Abbas El Akkad, Nasr City

(202)24020520 - 2402
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