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Construction/Engineering/Real estate / Building Materials/ Furniture, Wooden, Metallic & Accessories
Al Ahly Real Estate

We are the leaders of Egypt's real estate sector. Our company is a joint venture between the National Bank of Egypt, the Sabbour Family and the late Dr. Ibrahim Helmy.
One of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East, one of the biggest engineering firms in the Middle East and Africa and a former Minister of National Planning and Administrative Development pooled their considerable resources and talents to realise a shared vision. To create the kind of environments where people would be happy to live, work and enjoy their leisure.
Our projects are many and various, ranging as they do from residential communities, to shopping malls, to multi-purpose complexes.
They can be found throughout Africa and the Middle East, and as far afield as Europe.



Villa 26, the Northern 90th Rd., 5th Settelment


+Contact Person
Ahmed H. Sabbour
Managing Director
Moussa Salah Moussa
Business Development Director
Ehab Sameih
IT&ERP Manager